Monday, April 28, 2014

When written in Chinese

“When written in Chinese, the word ‘crises’ is composed of two characters – one represents danger and the other represents opportunity’ – John F. Kennedy.

It is plausible for most of us to get coiled or trapped with the ‘character’ of danger when we encounter crises.   We have been conditioned by our traditional values, inherent principles, teachings, consequences of burden and logical responsive stimuli imbibed in our value system are all programmed to create an instant deterrence to work on the crises, mainly attacking from the character of ‘danger’.  Crises alert our fearful sense and stimulate the mind to look for references, experiences and information that are associated with fearful state.  Further depends on the quality of references, experiences and information, either it exhilarates more fear and discomfort or calmness.

Humans are always like to live in a comfort zone.  Everything in life is executed and performed based on expected comfort level only.  Finding a job, entrepreneurship interest, living in an environment, social responsibility, choosing friends, relationship with others and families; are all carefully decided based on long term expectations of comfort level and therefore, it is normal for mankind to press the panic button during crises and trapped in danger character.  The command system brings every available reference to analyze and find a quick solution and to move away from danger zone.  Retreating to comfort zone is the priority during crises and most of us would choose this option only.  The primary objective of retreating to comfort zone often neglects the possibility of opportunities available during crises situation. 

However, very few people exercise their character of opportunity during crises.  They see something that others don’t see.  Crises also offer multiple opportunities depend on one’s experiences, capability and given circumstances.  Twist and turns in life bring perfect opportunity to evaluate and steer the life to the new direction, if not new horizon.  If you want to learn from past and not live in it, than we should explore the opportunities through crises.  Of course, mankind demonstrates great shrewdness and energy when pushed to wall and would certainly see few incredible opportunities when the state of mind is not in fear. 

To earn a future out of crises one requires establishing strong characteristics attitude and need to be cautious of fundamental attributing error.  If we establish the characteristics of strong conviction, confidence, conscience and consistency, then we can be assured of knocking the new opportunities arise out of crises.  Eventually, crises either destroy us or empower us depends on our characteristics. 

Demonstrating strong characters during crises and inquest to exploiting them will immediately turn our focus on wider spectrum of opportunities.  Further, the command from heart loads the mind with opportunity references, experiences and information that are require to prepare an exploiting plan to lead a new success.   Retreating to comfort zone or exploiting the crises for new opportunities depends on each individual’s inner strength. 

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