Friday, April 11, 2014

Games within the game

Two years before a Chaiwala (Modi) and a Panwala (Rajnath) were propelled to the lead actor roles for BJP’s new version by the producer and script writer RSS.   It was a well thought out strategy to tame Congress young leader, the Shenshah Rahul Ghandhi.   Chaiwala Modi can be the perfect here because of his carefully cultivated image with the help of industrial tycoons and waning Congress opposition in Gujarat.  In fact, he deserved to be a lead hero for his impeccable performance as chief technician of Hindutwa Gujarat laboratory that killed; raped, maimed and displaced thousands of innocent people. 

Heroes are selected and villain also identified at national level and it is a matter of releasing the movie to people’s theatre.  Paid trailers were shown in all media as Chaiwala Modi is the only hope for India and has the talisman to change Indian’s fortune as if India is in deep economic trouble.  The fact is that RSS believed Modi has got some magic to change the fortune of BJP.  Who care about India?  Six hundred million middle class along with four hundred million poor classes are the perfect market to sell the dreams of RSS financed by Ambanis and Adanis.

The madam from Congress has already told the young scion Rahul to defer his dream for next five years and conceded defeat even before the game began.  PM Manmohan Singh would get invitations for seminars and key note speeches from all over the world on economics and is a perfect retirement scheme for him.  All other Congress ministers have made their fortunes enough to rest for next five years at home and enjoy the stunts of Chaiwala Modi and Panwala Rajnath’s at center.   

The game is not over.  Modi started another game within his grand ambition to prepare his own team that can subservient him.  Some need to be pushed out, some to back stage and some to under his feet.  Lists are developed and executed perfectly with the help of RSS bigwigs.   

What is next, release the movie in theatre and make it a blockbuster.  Ascend to the chair and dance to the tunes of industrialists.  India will shine in papers.  Rich will become richer.  Let the poor to die.  Keep the media in good mood to sweep all dirt under the carpet.

The game is yet to finish.  Modi, find a nuisance in the form of AAP.  BJP failed to make AAP as their own B team and the Delhi assembly result jolted their plan.  Enemy’s enemy is friend theory was dusted out to keep the nuisance remain under control.  Both Congress and BJP had their discreet understanding to throw AAP in gutter of Delhi, thus to malign them to be another usual political party of India.  BJP played holy saying that they don’t have numbers and prefer to sit in opposition expecting sympathy.  Congress offer to support AAP to make them as puppets. All baddies decided to change the goody to baddy or eliminate the goody once for all.  Indian political culture should never be changed and no new addition to ruling class.

Modi and Congress have never thought that AAP will hijack the game and turn the entire game plan to favour the people.  AAP changed the game’s objective and brought people as the real heroes.  It is people themselves decided to be the hero of Indian politics.  People should come out and realize their potential.  Their job is not only to vote once in five years.  They would actively participate in governance system.  The elected to should serve people and remain loyal to people only.  Finish off the dynasty politics, religious politics, cast based politics, undue favour to industrialists and change them.  If they don’t change, then remove them from Indian political fraternity by defeating them.    

It is people’s politics and people have the power to change.  It is not about money, power and media.  It is about people’s participation in government. Let us the change the way we are ruled and bury the existing political culture.  India is ours. 

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