Sunday, April 13, 2014

Who should get my vote?

There are intensive discussions and analyses on all media including social media about whom we should or can vote in India’s 2014 parliament election.  I believe, the question is further narrowed to AAP versus BJP, of course Kejriwal verses Modi.  Let me write my analyses as well.

Modi will bring much needed growth in our economy and no others can.

This is nothing but a myth.  First of all, our economy is not that bad comparing with other nations in Asia, Europe or West.  Not to forget that the world experienced worst economic crises and India still able to produce average 6% GDP.  Well, I don’t want to credit Congress for this sustainability.  It is because of the policy that has been taken by previous governments including Narasimha Rao.   Further, the growth has reduced due to low influx of foreign investments not because of Europe and West strict policy about their own unemployment issues.

Further, I do not understand the Modi’s economy model or growth plan.  Has he presented anything?  Did our chamber of commerce and business houses discussed his plan and endorsed?  Or do any of well known economists have endorsed his plan of growth?  Who is all part of his team?  Does media ever interested to analyze his team members’ credibility? Give me a break.

It is a simple propaganda by BJP and media saying that he will be business and industry friendly. Again I would like to remind that all governments either by BJP, Congress, AAP or Third Front all will be business and industry friendly.  The only differences will be the level of corruption and favoritism.  The growth will remain same. 

Therefore, I don’t buy the argument that only Modi will bring much needed growth in our economy.

AAP is inexperienced

It’s an acceptable argument, but not having enough substances.  Even Modi and Rahul are inexperienced at national level.   They count on other party leaders to support them in managing the country affairs.  AAP may not be having such experiences, but certainly it has fielded experts, business persons, professionals and technocrats.   We have seen how the experienced politicians fared so far.  Why don’t we try the new outfit that has more energy and good intention than any other parties? 
After all, government is run by officials, not politicians.  Politicians have only marred our progress, brought mayhem and failed to connect with people.  AAP would certainly connect with people and reflect the mood of people in governance.

AAP may take wrong decisions as they did in Delhi and we might face a quick re-election for parliament

Whoever comes to power, we are going to face a re-election soon.  No parties will get majority considering their pockets of presence only in few areas.  BJP, Congress, AAP, Regional parties are all strong only in few states and it is going to be fractured verdict. 

Let us not worry about re-election.  Let us defeat corrupt and criminals and remove them from politics.  Bring new and good people who will work together to give a good governance.  It may take some time, but let us bring the change.

AAP will remove corruption from governance.

Corruption cannot be removed soon.  AAP can enforce a proper accountability system aided by Lokpal.  People’s involvement in governing system will remove corruption over a period of time.  Barring AAP, no other party speaks about corruption and it shows either those leaders are already corrupted or supported by corrupted colleagues; therefore, it is obvious that they cannot raise voice against corruption.  Voting to Congress or BJP means, we will let the corrupted system to continue for many more years

Communalism will be high in Modi’s rule.

It will be.  RSS parivar has both soft and hard versions communal atrocities.  The hard will take the lives of innocence and soft will break the bones of minorities.  Further the soft communalism will also make sure that the broken bones never able to repair.   RSS parivar always uses both forms depends on the necessity.  Believing them to be non-communal is nothing but foolish. 

They are least bothered about country and worried about their own well being.  The kind of Hindutva they practice is not for all Hindus and limited to certain section of Hindus.  Modi have already experienced in pogrom and slaughter in his state and will be more determined to execute and alienate the people with divisive policies.

In addition, BJP and Congress are retrogressive forces and they cannot think out of it.  Their policies and trained leaders are hardly can think out of box.  They also serve and lives for their party cadres and for them India means their own parties, not larger section of Indians.  They have also nourished destructive political culture and need to defend it.  If not, they will be victim of their own political culture.
Communalism and secularism are conveniently used for BJP and Congress advantages only.

Finally, is our election is all about corruption and communalism only?  This is the reason I always said that our politicians are not leaders and cannot think beyond their realm of regionalism, communalism and corrupted mind frames.

What happened to our foreign policy? That is pathetic and sloppy.  We don’t have consistency in our Sri Lanka policy.  We let our own brothers and sisters butchered at the hands of extremism and armies.  Why we cannot find a middle ground for Pakistan?  Why both Pakistan and India uses each other to score their own points in their relevant internal matters?  How long we will allow China’s incursions in Indian Territory and build their own check posts?  How are we going to tame China’s Indian Ocean ambition?  What is our Middle East policy?  Can’t we clever enough to use the situation to improve our relationship with them? 

How about our defense policy?  Why our borders are porous and easy for anti-national elements to use them for terrorist attacks?  How long we are going to import majority of our arms from foreign countries?

Why we are not bothered about HR?  Human Resources are our primary strength, in fact, strength for any nation.  We have very pathetic education policy that is contributing to improper human resources development.  Are we planning to export our HR and boast our GDP growth from their foreign currency remittances?  Can’t we frame a productive policy that encourages more entrepreneurship?  Every politician owns a college at every street of India and producing graduates who are incompetent or unable to find suitable job.

What about our Agriculture policy and plan? This is our major economy where 70% of Indian population depends on their life.  We have enough agriculture produces, but pathetic distribution system.  We waste our grains in warehouses by allowing the rats and insects to eat when millions of people eating once in a day only. 

What happened to our water policy and distribution system?  India is one of the countries would suffer most due to climate changes.  We will be forced to depend on sea water for irrigation and drinking very soon.  Our sanitation system is the worst in the world. 

Where are these political parties and what for them asking votes on streets?   

We hear only empty words from all political parties and conveniently failed to address all our problems in their manifesto.  The manifesto is full of freebies and appeasements.  Don’t these politicians know that freebies and appeasements are draining our economy and bleeding us internally?

Friends, vote for a change.  We need to change the entire system.  We cannot change the system without changing the people in charge of the system.  Enough is enough.  Teach them a lesson and they will change and if not better to get rid of those retrogressive forces.  We have the capability to rebuild.  We will rebuild our nation.  

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