Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Games within the game – Corrupted Anti Corruption Movement

The cat is out. My apprehension about the leaders of Anti Corruption Movement is right. (Refer my article on June 6, 2012). Anna Hazare disbanded his team and supported the idea of forming a political party to fight against corruption. His strategy of forcing or shaking the top and attracting the grass root or low level support have finally shows that how awfully wrong it is. The educated mass in India is genuinely worried about country, but will not ready to involve in street fight against the system. They will support, provided the movement has a strong volunteers including middle and field managers or leaders to keep the movement going with energy. Anna does not have such back up and therefore fall into the trap of Anti-Congress parties to provide necessary head counts. Finally, the anti-congress parties have decided to absorb the Anna and his team and ready to offer some space. The space is going to be a new political party without money and muscles and subsequently will completely be annihilated by both Congress and non-Congress parties in Indian political drama.

Any struggle or fight for good cause require a well defined strategy after a great deal of understanding the past, present and future consequences. When the vicious cycle or the corrupted system is strong while our resources are weak, we have no other option except to join the system to fight within, even though the system itself is worst and hopeless. If the vicious cycle or the system is at least semi-functional and good, we have the choice of standing away from the system and fight against it, provided we have enough resources at our disposal. In Anna Hazare’s case, he is neither having enough resources nor understood the scale of struggle that he aimed for. If both of my conclusions are wrong, then he might be acting on the script of some hidden play writers.

As usual the victim is Indian public without having any hope to eradicate the corruption in government.

Ramadan Diary – Mankind and Devils (Shaitan)

Once in a Ramadan a Mughal king assembled his mid-night club members for a Hukah smoke. A leading poet impressed the king and audiences with an interesting couplet about Ramadan and devils. ‘During Ramadan, all devils (shaitan’s) are chained and locked’. He paused and other members were curious to know second line of the couplet. ‘And all those chained and locked devils (shaitans) are here in the mid-night club’. He completed with greater appreciation from other members.

Devils are impressively smarter and stronger especially when we have less or no control in our self. Devils also perfect in their work with only one clear and straight forward objective of misleading the humans. The ‘right’ has limited liberty whereas the ‘wrong’ has all the freedom in the world and therefore the devils have no limitation. Devils do their SWOT analysis well because they know that mankind love to do ‘wrongs’ with great excitement and exhilaration. Mankind is created with fair amount of weakness and has been kept increasing for generations. Today, with the advancement of technology and feeble life system, devils are superbly enjoying their rhythm and concerting albums with variety of interesting misleads that are easy to adapt, conceal and enjoy.

Devils are sometimes visible and mostly invisible. The visible devils are invariably lives in the mind and hearts of people whose life is built on capricious, especially erratic and therefore easy for devils to live forever. Let me illustrate little more on people with capricious mentality. ‘Impulsiveness is part of human nature and is understandable, but when we subscribe capricious mindset in our daily life, it became a dominant factor and subsequently it become a cancer. It also extinguishes or replaces all good human values whatever we possessed. Our core belief system, life values and references all get corrupted one after other without any warning or with feeble occurrences to our largely orphaned consciousness. The ‘cause’ will be replaced with ‘effects’ and we will merit only the effects and even abstracting from any causes’. Eventually, we behave like a human but with devil characteristics.

The invisible devils are highly dangerous due to their natural ability in deceiving us comprehensively by living underneath of our own skins. These devils run in our blood and breaths in our lungs. They dance in our minds and coercing to take every attempt to sweet coated destructions. They tempt us on every moment through succumbing to our own environments. They would drive us to believe that environment cannot be controlled, let alone managed. It fickle our mind and create constant pressure by reminding that life is all about ‘me’ and the necessity to outsmart others with any means and ways.

Secondly, every single worry in life is a welcome gate for devils. Worries leads us to fear and fear lead us to insecurity. Insecurity led us to imbalance and imbalanced minds are fertile grounds for devils. We often failed to handle such devils, because the insulation wall in our mind and heart is weak. Though our hearts may look impenetrable for a while, yet it certainly breaks and gives way due to our weak reinforcement security system. Because of our absolute belief in freedom and ‘state of permanency’ we committed for.

So how can we protect us from those invisible and visible devils? We don’t require different approaches to both visible and invisibles. We require a simple formula, but with ardent and strict applications. The formula is seeking the guidance from the Creator. The Creator of both devils (Shaitan from jinn) and men. The Creator knows well about (Shaitan) devils and has already developed an instruction manual to mankind to protect from the devils. There is no better formula then surrendering the Creator and asking His guidance, because as we know that He is the One Who created the devils and knows the devils worse part.

In fact, devils are playing a major role in driving us towards the Creator. Without visible and invisible devils, many of us may not able to realize the necessity of God in our life. The question may come about atheists who don’t believe in God and how are they handling the devils? The answer is that devils know well about themselves.