Friday, August 21, 2009

B JP’s divisive demon

Ever since the creation of BJP as national political party and embraced with a divisive ideology, it not only divides the minds of Indians but also keep digging itself into the dearth of divisions that is untenable. The strong conviction of its dormant theory of ideology that is only well understood by its core members of BJP (who are those core members?), it has done more damage to country than help to develop as cohesive nation.

If Jinnah has divided the country on Hindu and Muslim identity as claimed by certain section of subcontinent people, Jinnah is still dividing the BJP even from his grave! The divisive demon that was earlier let loose by BJP have found suitable place in home and busy in dividing the head quarter now. Expulsion of Jaswant Singh from party is reflecting the overall mindset of BJP leaders along with internal bickering. It is pity that BJP try positioning it as a party based on past history rather than future. A new drama is unfolded from Shimla to pave the way for certain divisive leaders to claim the crown that is being only warmed by Advani for future takeovers. Jaswant is the first casualty and many more to come.

Advani’s continued silence can be misconstrued or perceived as a leader who could not come into term with the loss of Prime Minister opportunity. Advani has lost the plot before the election began and now BJP losing its plot and disconnecting with common Indians. The backward moving BJP is a big concern to the nation since other national party CPI and CPM also living with past ideologies. It will only allow Congress to handle the national issues on high handedness. If Advani has any desire to serve the nation, he must clean up the party with decisive plan for future India and get rid of the divisive policy. The law of average denotes that it is possible, provided BJP can silence Modi type of politicians.