Friday, May 16, 2014

Modi wins - what is next?

Be ready for a larger struggle.   Modi’s victory is a part of larger war in changing the political culture of India.  His victory was forgone conclusion when Rahul Ghandi was selected to lead the Congress campaign.  Congress was mentally defeated themselves before the election began.  Thanks to reactive politics of Congress, BJP able to win the battle.  However, everyone in Indian political fraternity including media have conveniently ignoring or unaware of the seeds of change that has been laid by the force of truth in a war against false.

Not many would agree with me, especially now, but soon they will realize that 2014 Indian parliament election is not about Modi’s version of development against impotent government of Congress combinations.  It’s a turning point in the history of India.  It is a beginning of a new struggle that India is ordained to engage.  This election is clearly the beginning of polarizing the people and urging them to take positions.  It’s all about the battle of truth against the power of lies in a new level and stage.  Modi is not the first and the last to represent the power of lies.   He is only a beginning.   Similarly, Arvind Kejriwal is also not the first or the last one in the process of battle between truth and false.  Both are performing on the order of destiny, in fact, initiating the process of changes and challenges between good and evil in a new battleground with a different intensity.

Congress is vacating the position because it neither stands for the truth nor for lies.  Congress’s only objective is to protect Ghandhi’s dynasty by manipulating the leaders and cadres by deception methodologies.  Those would agree and like to be part of deception game can have a place in the heart and minds of Ghandhi family.  People of India want change and are not ready to buy the manipulative syndrome of Congress anymore.  So, 2014 is the beginning of new political culture in India.  The finishing line is not nearer.

Hilter once said that ‘if you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed’ and is perfectly practiced by Modi and group.  The can of lies have already opened and would never end without tasting the defeat at the hands of truth.   Yet it is not going to be easy and people of India will have to pay a heavy price.  The price is enormous in the form of pain and sacrifices that the torch bearers of truth should prepared to pay.  The torch bearers are minority as always, because, the lies have the power to attract more to their side and hypocrites have no shelter under truth.  The weakness in human races dominated by lust of pomp and power irrespective of their religion, race, ideology, ethnic and caste values will succumb to the power of lies. 

The surrender to lies starts with ‘compromise and acceptance’ by so called defenders of ‘good’.  Their illusory endurance and determination are exposed at the assault of lies and they have demonstrated the attitude of compromise and acceptances, in fact, they are experiencing the false reality and they won’t be ashamed to defend and argue.  We are witnessing it from so called media greats, politically neutrals and opportunists who are ready to cross the line for their personal benefits.  Truth require a right force of army that can stand up and deliver from beginning to end and therefore the trail and test begins now in recruiting the right soldiers.  The army of truth does not accept the attitude of ‘compromise’ from its soldiers and those who can switch their places are allowed to move and are moving.  The migration of ‘compromising’ forces has already started but would always defend their actions with their own version of justifications in the name of anything and in present election it is under the pretext of development.  The false will have more numbers but quality matters, not quantity.  We, the people are witnessing them now.  Perhaps, the majority has elected the false to the power due to the illusion created by the falsehoods, but that is only temporary.

The emergence of Modi in national politics, the symbol and spearhead of evil forces, have sent a clear message by knowingly or unknowingly that there is no middle ground in this battle.  Those who want to choose their side must do so.   As usual, the false would never able to understand the grand scheme where the universe is programmed and operating; the middle forces and hypocrites are paving way for a new group to stand up against the false.  This is the beauty from the Creator that He uses the evil forces to instigate and prepare the necessary forces of truth by reminding and segregating them.  The forces of truth would never emerge in chariots aided by rich and power but from the poor and ordinary people. 

The battle line is drawn between the truths and false.   Truth is always simple, transparent, uncompromising and straight forward.  False is always compromising, complicated, shameless and crooked.  Modi would represent the evil and Kejriwal assimilates from good.  These two gentlemen may or may not continue in their roles or can change their roles depends on the battle progress.  But the battle of truth and false have taken a new level and I am delighted, because, I represent the truth as many of the poor and ordinary Indians does.   I cannot wait to engage with forces of false anymore. 

The election is not just about the development for few and illusion for many.  It is the beginning of liberation of governance from corruption and criminals.  It has much more meanings and the forces of truth must realize and prioritize its action plan.  In other word, the war need to be won by executing the following principles: 

First, as representatives of truth, we must practice inclusive policy by listening to ignorant and misguided mass while exercising caution.   Eighty percent of Indian population is innocent and do not represent any party or groups.  They are often swayed and exploited due to their weaknesses and disinterest in politics.  They expect a clean and transparent government and nothing else, but refrained from active participation.  They comprised eighty percent of the population and we need their sympathy if not support.  If we don’t include them, then we are not comprehensively representing the truth and as simple as.

Second, as representatives of truth, we must gather all positive forces that are essential to stimulate sustained growth for India, however small they are.   Positive forces will enhance positive politics and the country is in dire need of them.  Identifying such positive forces require patience and hope.  Only positive forces can bury the divisive politics.  The present election was fought on negative politics.  Modi started with development and end with communal politics.  He will always fall on to communal politics whenever his personal ambition is threatened and is perfect for his ideological masters.   Negative politics cannot be removed unless the objective of governance is people welfare.

Third, as representatives of truth, we must actively participate in all democratic institutional functions without belittling them.  We cannot clean up the system without entering into the system and understanding the faulty mechanisms.   Present administrative machinery is running on faulty mechanisms as we aware and would require enormous patience to change it.  We would face strong objections and obstacles from within and outside, but only the patience with dedication will have last laugh.

Fourth, as representatives of truth, our feet must firmly places on the ground where the eighty percent of population is dwelling.  The governance is not confined in walled buildings, secured transportations, luxury dinners with industrialists and corporate leaders and engagement with foreign dignitaries.  The real governance is in the villages, towns and cities where we need to run along with them in facing daily hurdles and challenges. All corruption starts when the gap is widening between rulers and ruled classes. 

Fifth, as representatives of truth, we should serve the nation without any expectations rather ready to accept all bricks and boots aimed at us by the forces of false.  False would never step into the battle grounds instead will use the weak and innocents to throw the bricks and boots. Retaliation to bricks and boots by flowers and smiles will win the weak and innocents to our side.  But it requires the representatives of truth to exercise extreme self control and expect nothing and absolutely nothing.

Sixth, as representatives of truth, we should build right commanding system manned by right people from grass root level to top.  Many movements start with great intention and intensity and failed to sustain due to lack of proper structure and trained leaders.   The system should able to attract right talents, good people and identify the evil intrusions to maintain the spirit of movement at its optimum level.

Seventh, as representatives of truth, we should continue to serve the people with or without administrative power.   Service to humanity does not require only power and positions.   

Finally, as representatives of truth, we must know that we are only aiding the owner of truth, the Absolute Power, The God and agree to His scheme of things by submitting our will and power to Him.  It is He Who manifest the world with His choicest of mercy and kindness.  It is He Who grand the victory to whom He likes and plans.  To be successful, we must be with Him with absolute surrender of our will to be successful.  As representatives of truth, we don’t need garlands and splendors.  We must ready to vacate and allow the new blood to take over the battle of truth against false.                

The battle has begun, but the war to be won.  

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