Saturday, June 14, 2014

It is politics, Stupid

Modi should have thanked in heart to Congress President and Vice President for helping him to reach the coveted position of PM.  Modi knows that the hard battle of winning election is more important than sustaining a progressive government, because he can comfortably continue the programs and policies initiated by UPA without many changes.  Modi talks about development without elaborating what is development means to entire India, because he knows that UPA programs are not that bad, but required impetus.  Women reservation, public distribution system, nuclear policy, foreign policy, FDI in retail, labour law reforms, and above all crony capitalism are all already on government agenda during UPA rule, but failed to take off due to UPA’s arrogance attitude in power.  Now, Modi can smoothly sail it to harbor because of his majority in parliament.  So, why worry about policies.  It was all about election and can speak anything because it is a matter of win or lose, not about being honest.

Rahul shouted meeting after meeting about Congress achievement in 10 years under MMS without even a single participation of UPA’s captain.  Was not funny enough?  The divided opposition, flawed strategy, leaderless Congress, spineless campaign material, outdated secularism promises, scams after scams are all made easy for Modi to become PM.   The icing on cake is Mod’s shrewd tactics of conducting a final election rally in Amethi to anger Rahul.  Angry mind is narrowed mind.  Rahul proved it by reciprocating his own election rally in Varanasi to swing the votes to Congress and thus marring the opportunity of voting to Kejriwal . Throughout the election campaign, Rahul played at the hands of Modi.

Advani Ji knows that BJP will win and he is losing opportunity to become PM.  The young Turks of BJP made it clear that the time is up for old warhorses.  RSS made sure that BJP is in order to present them as a simple alternative to UPA.  People are fed up with UPA and looking for a change and in absence of credible opposition, people ready to forgive Modi for Gujarat pogroms and give a chance. 

Modi is not going deviate a lot from Congress policies, but actually expedite them for effective performance because of his freedom from coalition politics.  Continuation of NDA is just a gratitude from BJP towards their allies and Modi will never compromise his role.  EGOM and GOM were created by Vajpyee government to manage inter-ministry performances mainly because of coalition government and Manmohan Singh have continued due to same compulsion.  Modi have rightly scrapped those policy groups to make easy decision is not a great administrative move as media is claiming.  It is a necessary move possible because of single party governance.

Further, Modi have restored credibility of secretary again because of single party governance.  Shifting from coalition governance could not be rated as innovative governance; where as the real challenge for Modi 
begins now.   Whoever get single party majority will do the same.

The primary challenge is the effectiveness of his ministers.   The old war horses like Advani, Sinha, Joshi , etc are no more part of governance and therefore, experience level of present ministers are not like previous NDA or UPA governments.  Apart from Arun, Sushma, Rajnath, Anandkumar others are mostly new to position and have very little experience.  Naturally, Modi need to depend on department secretaries to improve the performances.  It is a compulsion to Modi to meet secretaries without ministers to actually supervise the governance.

The extension of cabinet secretary and accepting central bank’s decision of not reducing interest rate (investors are demanding substantial cut in interest rate) are showing the continuity of UPA’s policies in terms of economy.  Perhaps, we need to wait for budget presentation to know any significant shift in financial policy.

As usual, foreign ministry focus on Pakistan and USA relationship will remain same and therefore, we cannot expect any significant change in new government.

Everything is same and life is as usual for ordinary human beings.  Rich will become richer and poor will remain poor.  The middle class will suffer from their aspiration syndrome as usual.  The GDP of cities will be trumpeted as India’s growth without worrying about GDP of villages.  Media will do their ‘constructive’ role depends on MRP (money reaching programs), not TRP.

Friends, please back to work.

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