Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Voice of India - 2

Preface 2

To raise a common platform we Indians require smashing many hurdles. Smashing the hurdles is not at all welcome in a society that is riddled with countless agenda from conniving leaders, hence it is often understood as ‘bashing’ of one group against other for their own selfish reasons towards searching of common platform. Perhaps, that is the main consequential reason for intellectuals who are confused to break or afraid to penetrate. Obviously they are not ready to disturb the apple cart. Sometimes, I wonder and believe that it may be the main reason for the incomplete structure of our government, society, political system, education, religious intolerance and language barriers or divisions. All of them are perfectly giving an impression of decomposition or phantom.

This country was structured by our beloved freedom fighters with their own genius style and wisdom, which is not understood by mass. In other words the mass was not ready to take the burden of understanding the rational behind the political or social system that our freedom fighters were dreamed of. Eventually, a gap is created and the collective energy have not even started its journey at the first step itself and failed to give any formidable objective or shape to achieve. Though I born after independence, I believe that the momentum of classic start is lost or failed or was not there in our united voyage. It may be due to non arrival of consensus path or confused to choose error free route or pre occupied with power sharing or hurry to eat the cake. Alternatively, the leaders who followed Gandhi, Nehru, Patel and Azad were not fair enough to understand the common man’s aspirations. Except few leaders, rest of them is short sighted or simply not capable enough to steer the nation. There is a distant reality between the struggle for freedom and the struggle for functional government.

The confused structure of our formation gave birth to confused mindset right from poor to rich, genius to fools and youth to elder. The confusion started at the time of independence – where to go? Either Socialism or Republic or Democracy – the confusion of three doctrines merged to one and conveniently forget the ground reality. The result is that the mixed races have got the mixed doctrines and theories as the political and social ideological system and ultimately end in confused human being. The common man is confused of his identity whether is Tamilian or Bengali or Punjabi or Indian? His
Outlook as a citizen is limited to his well being and immediate surroundings. His India is limited to his state or physical geographical reach. The recent incidences in Mumbai as ‘Mumbai for Marathwadas’ is reinforcing the limited vision as Indian citizen. The gap of ruling and ruled class is widening.

Henceforth, the Indian is standing at the complex of confusion. His intelligence is annihilated in confusion. His superior values are knocked down to the confused destinations. Things that are right before independence, considerably failed after independence.

The common man lost his confidence in government a long time ago and now he is used to the situation and left to mend his own future without much assistance from the government. Politicians and officials have created a big gap between them and people. Election after election, the gap is widening and if at all any connections that is only between the ruling elites and their party members only. Aligning people in the name of party, caste, religion and region pushes the common citizens to identify with such groups even instantly. The common man is pushed to scare for anything or agitate for everything and sadly his voices are generally unheard. There is no any forum or platform for these common people. Even media is playing its own game to make sure of its reach, distribution and peak time business and conveniently forget to reflect or put forth those common voices. The gap is literally and instantly occupied by few irregular and inconsistent intellectuals only to end in vain. The prowess of our history as a great country is still in the papers and dreams.

A combination of arrogance and ignorance gives birth to the present administrative system that has fair share of blame on people’s ignorance. The inherited system by the present set of politicians comes handy for the administrative machinery to conveniently run away with what they got or secured. The present system has no any progressive adaptation to deliver the good things to the much awaited poor citizens in India. The present political and administrative system is nothing but the breed of confused doctrines created by our fore-fathers.

This system gives the taste of bribe, a convenient route to escape from practical problems, an excuse for incompetence and a chance to skip the problems or throw them to other shoulders. This situation is completely interesting for the mockery politicians and law makers to play with the nerves of illiterates in great extend and to literate in some extend.

So is there any end to it? Certainly there is a solution to end the confusion and to start a constructive progress. It is a simple philosophy of life and everything is volume in this simple sentence of ‘Human beings are programmed to fight and survive’. Every human has the ability to fight irrespective of their intellectual and physical fitness. He or she may get certain strength and sources from his or her own religion or principles or belief provided the religion or principles or belief is unadulterated. Irrespective of the sources and strength, he or she will have to fight for their satisfaction of both material and spiritual requirements. But the question, how and who will lead this fight?

A legitimate guide is necessary to assemble the common voices towards a common goal. This has to start now because we don’t have anything with us, because ‘everything we got that has lost’. We need to search from the place where we lost and certainly in our own land under our own feet and in our heart. We lost the principles of ‘complete Indian’ internally and externally. We need to start from the perspective of ‘complete Indian’ to naturally build ourselves as a ‘complete Indian’

A complete Indian not necessarily belongs to one religion, one race or one region or one language or even one caste. India is an ocean and has many seas in the name of religion and regions. But all are water and appear seamlessly in one. All are created by one God and in whatever names he is being called. He is God the single Power. India is the cradle of that Power and Indians are the representatives of the God. India is the answer to world problems. Indians are the guide to the world well being.

(To be continued)

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