Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Condeleeza Rice – The Navigator

Condeleezza Rice have assumed a new role as a chief dictator, rather a navigator, who can direct all the mighty intelligence and police forces of subcontinent in a particular direction that will serve the interest of America. Since Mumbai terror attack, US Secretary of State is busy in monitoring the proceedings of political and diplomatic pressure in subcontinent. Now and then, she is issuing directives through media and other diplomatic channels to pressure India and Pakistan by issuing extra-judicial and extra-political authority on these two countries.

If US seriously believe of a constructive role in these crises, they should put pressure on Pakistan only and not on India. US interests were there in nurturing such terror outfits in Pakistan so as to use in appropriate time to divert world attention and more importantly to pin down the Indian economy. LeT and JM are blessed by Pakistan government establishment with a tacit approval from their US masters. If US wants to shut down these camps can easily do so through Zardari and no need of Indian air force or military involvement. Any Indian Military involvement at this situation will drain our economy since India is also suffering from world recession. The Indian public anger is understandable, but cannot rationalize the view of military action. It is obvious that such options are not only costly, but counter productive as we are experiencing everyday from US actions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I seriously believe our leaders in Indian government are highly capable enough to tackle this issue without any interference from US. If Pakistan needs to survive as a united country, they should first clean their house, no matter how hard it is. Otherwise, the downfall of Pakistan as one country is very near and needless to say that this will happen by their domestic terror forces. India needs to have the wisdom and clarity in their approach to this problem. The unification of Indian Intelligence forces under single command and analyzing all the info collected through various agencies has to be taken by the same command. This is the most important and urgent task to be accomplished. Further strengthening our local forces with upright officers and remove corrupted elements from responsible positions are second most important task for central government.

Indian government should show the courage and strength and stand on its own rather than looking for directions from US or European leaders. Not to forget that India need to increase their vigilance on India grown terror outfits from Muslims and Hindu organizations, which are all not lesser than external terror groups.

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