Saturday, November 29, 2008

Political blunders and Innocent lives

This can happen only in our country. Every mistake of the political leadership is heavily paid by the common people. Till 80s, we were paying it in the form poverty, poor economical growth, and discriminative living conditions but now by lives and blood. It is sickening to see the carnage of Mumbai for the past three days and shamefully all the leading politicians, irrespective of parties, were absent from public view. Where are they? Why are all hiding in safe heavens under Z category when the poor soldiers and brilliant officers are killed by terrorists? Until now, Raj Thakery, a politician from Mumbai was thundering around with his Goondas shouting ‘Mumbai for Marathas only’, but where is he when the icon of Mumbai, Taj Mahal Hotel was destroyed by terrorists? This can happen only in India.

It is heartening to see the valiant fights by NSG, Army and Police personnel but saddening to see the death of innocent people and the fighting security personnel. The leadership is mostly uninspiring and plays with the emotional issues of ordinary common citizens. The leadership is least bothered of sane voices from intellectual quarters, because the intellectuals are not vote banks. A distinct example is the press interview of Maharashtra deputy CM R. R. Patil and in the end he shouted Bharath Mata Ki Jai. This can happen only in India. We don’t want slogans and we want the protection and security to our Bharath ka Citizens.

I have very serious doubt about our neighbours’ control over their political establishments and administrative machinery. The Pakistan PM’s statement of ‘we are with you’ does not sound enough to pacify our anger and anxiety, rather questioning his control and ability. If he is really genuine and be ‘with us’ he should visit with his foreign minister and intelligence chiefs to find the ways and means to eradicate such destructive camps in his own country.

Our PMs uninspiring speech and inability to stands firm at this juncture is so pathetic. He is even unable to call for all party meet and send an all party delegation to Mumbai. Can they not united for a moment and forget their differences? These are the people governing us or waiting to govern our nation! This can happen only in India.

Let us accept that our intelligence apparatus failed to come together and shed their egoistic functionalities. Perhaps, the national security adviser is busy somewhere else or unable to put things together. We need to have one single head or commanding officer to bring all intelligence agencies under one umbrella. Can it happen?

The communal politics is the single most destructive fountain from where the blood flows since 1990s. It breeds extremism and terrorism. The corruption along and communal politics are the fertile grounds for such tragedies. The PM waiting Mr. L.K. Advani cannot shred his responsibility of spearheading the communal politics for power, and if he is genuine leader, he alone can fight and clean his home at first. I wonder these politicians can fight on issues that are relevant to our nation and place themselves above petty differences? We want to choose them based on better options rather than choosing one bad among the worst. Is this possible?

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