Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Voice of India


‘Being an Indian is not as easy as saying ‘I am an Indian’

The above statement is fairly enough to summarize the nation India. India is country of physically united but mentally divided. The mental division of Indian is the obvious truth but conveniently ignored often at all level. The process of confusion after confusion evolved for the past thousands of years, 'in the name of everything', is still in progress, and absolutely progressing without any disturbances, to the dismay of ignored opportunities to terminate this very ‘process of confusion’. I wonder how long this subcontinent needs to live with this turmoil of problems affected by the process of confusion? When are we going to terminate or cease the 'process and progress of confusion'? Yes 'we need change'. I am ready to borrow this slogan from Mr. President elect Barak Obama. I also strongly believe that 'yes we can'. We need to have a better India that has every beautiful elements of life, however, to re-discover and put into the practical life mechanism of its citizens.

‘Indians are so complex – neither superior nor inferior - and they are so innate’ – an opinion from other than Indians. Yes Indians are so reserved because they are complex in nature and appearance. Complex of what? This is an interesting question that cannot be answered easily. Because of the fact that every Indian in born in the 'process and progress of confusion'. Is our natural journey can get the right answer or do we need the right answer to start the new journey? Nevertheless, the journey of every Indian is very important, in fact, more than any others in the 'collective journey of this world'. Obviously, the right answer will pave the way for the right label of Indian to begin the right journey that is very important in the 'collective progress of our world'.

Every Indian is proud of his long existence as unique race in this world despite of continued devastating spell of assaults on all physical and mental aspects of life, precisely by religious in addition to social, political, cultural, economical and geographical altercations. India as a civilized land withstands all those storms and will continue to do so. But, are we destined to resist or withstand only? In other words will continue to live a defensive life that has nothing to offer to the world? Especially when the world is misled to the destruction path by the lone, so called superpower!

Unless we shed the despair and depression of our confused existence we could never perform as united India and equally the time is right for us with plenty of opportunities to reform our mind and soul, often it is so loud and clear in recent happenings.

An Indian cannot be a complete Indian, if he or she can’t come out of this monistic thinking of own self existence by whatever means of material or spiritual satisfaction alone. A complete Indian is none other than the one who practice and display the quality of spiritual and material life for the 'collective progress'. Only a complete Indian can transform his personal ethics into the collective progress of the nation as the prime duty towards the nation we belong. This is the core issue of our nation and evidently the much needed phenomenon for the success of our nation as united India. But how do we achieve that?

Indians are second to none in any workmanship and well talented to tackle any contemporary problems by both mentally and physically. Economically we may be inadequate but that is not the criteria for disqualification. Eventually economical superiority alone cannot bring glory to any nation. No nation in this earth has shown her long standing capability with the stability of economy alone. The purified knowledge is superior to any material wealth and such knowledge alone can lead to the success and salvation in both aspects of life. We Indians have got the fountain of purified knowledge, but unable to tap them to the benefit of general mankind, particularly to India. Virtually, we use the knowledge for self purification only and unable to convert the individual strength or success as collective victory. We Indians need to master in both form of life in order to make our country strong in economy and military.

To answer the question of how to be a complete Indian, as basic requirement, our country needs to find a common platform. A country of countless races and faces; culture and tradition; religion and social; caste and languages earnestly looking for a common platform for a very long time since independence - an ideal and only opportunity to terminate the ‘process & progress of confusion’. Finding a common platform is the only significant way to close the gaps and differences among the multi racial community to transform it as a 'multi dimensional & functional nation' for a common objective.

Is it easy to find a common platform?

(To be continued)

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