Sunday, September 15, 2013

Advani Exits - Modi Enters

These days, the drama of BJP is interesting and pretty curious to entire Indian political fraternity.  Modi’s elevation as PM candidate was a foregone conclusion since he was appointed as BJP election committee chairman.   But the curious fact was Advani’s reaction.  In all these months, he was in multiple emotions such as mute, anger, submissive, helpless, rebellious, cornered, and hurt.  We can use any words that reflect his mood of powerlessness after making BJP as one of the most powerful party in political history of India.  Now he is eating his own pride in front of his ideological guardians, RSS.

This is the typical subcontinent political mindset of elderly politicians. Isn’t it?  They would never leave their place until their demise except very few like VP Singh, Vajpayee and Joyti Basu.  But this list is very feeble.   They believe that it is their birth right to occupy the top position and remain there forever.  It seems that Advani is no different.  If he feels and right about his judgment that Modi is bad for BJP, he should fight tooth and nail to protect the party that he nourished since 1980s.  Make no mistake that he did not say Modi is bad for country.  It is not that he worries about party or nation.  His worry is the lost opportunity to become the PM of the country.  He knew that Congress will be decimated in 2014 election.  Not less than three or four state parties will emerge as king makers.  BJP will be the single most party with three figures, but well short of forming own government.  What a great opportunity for him to lead a coalition government with another twenty parties?  Yes, he is best suited, because of his recent makeover of his own image.  He had forgotten the Ayodhya disaster in which thousands of lives were butchered in the name of gods.  He had also forgotten the numerous terror attacks falsely linked with Muslim innocents that helps to create a psychological insecurity among Muslim community during BJP rule.  He only remembers that he brought BJP to forefront and must be rewarded.   He was hoping that even people will forget the Ayodha fiasco.  Alas, his own parivars do not wish to forget anything.

He got his rewards now.  BJP want him in election posters only.  He will be given central seat in any stage, but they don’t want him to address.  BJP want him to be an intellectual spring for younger politicians.  BJP want him as a god father to Modi, to read the scripts written by RSS.  Yes, it is difficult for him to digest such monumental humiliation by his own men.  This is how God rewards to people who misused their authority and responsibility and moreover had blood in their hands while ascending to political prominence. 
Dear Advani Ji, you were a strong leader with capable of uprooting any obstacles that crosses your path to success.  You act vigorously on your own decisions irrespective of its right or wrong for others.  Your Rath Yatra will never be forgotten in the history of India.  But, end will never justify the means that you scripted in your political history to become an icon of BJP.  Sadly, the RSS Parivar wants a new icon and please makes way to Modi.

I welcome Modi to the centre stage.  He is a deserved candidate from BJP, better than anyone, not because he has a great credential of Gujarat success stories.  Gujarat success stories has many fathers and people memory is always short lived and therefore, we don’t remember the earlier Chief Ministers who did better than Modi and laid brick after bricks in their services to the state.  

Modi is deserved, not because of the state that has given impeccable leaders like Mohan Das Karamchand Ghandhi, (believe I pronounce his name better than Modi), Vallabhai Patel, Mohamed Ali Jinnah (born in Indian Gujarat and settled in Pakistan),  Morarji Desai, Lal Kishen Advani (born in Pakistan Gujarat, but settled in India after Independence) to name few.       

Modi is the best person among BJP stalwarts and parivar has done the right thing to promote him by overlooking scores of central leaders.  First and foremost reason is that he is from a successful lab, yes Gujarat is the RSS primary laboratory.  Being the Chief technician of the lab, he is deserved to be given the chance.  I will write series of articles about Gujarat as and when needed (I was waiting for Modi to become the PM candidate) to highlight how Gujarat was used as a RSS lab in more than two decades to experiment various schemes to promote Hindutva.  One of his successful experiments is the balancing act that he perform to benefit RSS and the state he manages.

Secondly, he is decisive and no mumblings except in front of Karan Thaper in a TV show.  That was a dipper and he failed abruptly.  Other than that, he is strong, bold, and unmovable and will slaughter anyone to achieve his objectives.    Latest victim is Advani.  If you ask him, he will tell how painful it is.

Thirdly, none of the BJP central leaders barring Advani has any bit of qualification to become PM.  All are good supporters and not Sachin Tendulkar of cricket.  They all can play a good supportive role and when it matters, they are all as good as chatter boxes.  No one has the charisma of attracting vote banks across the country.  It is no wonder that many of them won on various factors other than their own credential and we do not know, how many of them can win again on their own.    Well, it is now Modi’s call that how many of them needed to win and join in his team!  He will take care!

Fourthly, BJP is expecting Rahul as the PM candidate from Congress.  They will never announce in public and as usual the high command will pick, yet it is understandable.  Apart from being inexperience, Rahul is relatively a novice in front of Modi and Modi will certainly prepared his list of fun drives against him.  Nevertheless, Rahul has the royal magnetism to attract crowds and unfortunately, no other leaders in BJP can match Rahul’s personality.  Modi will thrive on this by making fun of him in election campaign.  That will be a campaign strategy for Modi to attract crowds.      

 Fifthly, the only BJP leader can increase the viewership rating for TV channels.   Remaining are all boring and good to fill the TV contents.  Modi is the darling of media and whatever he does, that makes waves in media world.  All his negatives are positive for media business.  Brothers and sisters, what else do we need? 

Ooopps… I totally forget that how Modi is going to contribute the nation.  Well… in today’s Indian politics is there any leader contributing to nation?  Why should I worry?

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