Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Right to Defend

Today, I happened to read a statement by President Obama supporting Israel for its ‘right to defend’. I have no problem in the spirit and meanings of the statement ‘right to defend’, but my issue is ‘what are we defending?’ Obama, the democratically elected and the champion of freedom could not able to see the defending of Israeli’s right at the expense of Gazan’s right. Defending of Israel’s civilians at the death of Gazan’s civilians. Defending of one particular country at the expense other country’s freedom. Well… we should not be surprised!

Couple of days ago two young girls were arrested in Mumbai for posting a comment in Facebook, in fact questioning the Mumbai bandh upon the death of Bal Thakery, who rose to prominence through intimidation, violence, vandalism and communal rights. Those two girls were arrested at the behest of complaint by Shiv Sena’s local office bearers and charged with the offense of instigating communal enmity. These poor girls were forced ‘not to defend’, yes, the right to defend, but as expected Bal Thakery’s violent loving party goons won the battle of ‘right to defend’ as the expense of poor girls freedom of expression. These girls were arrested by police for questioning the necessity of bandh on Thakery’s funeral day in Mumbai which made millions of people to sit at home and out of which thousands of workers lost their daily wages, the only life line for their decent income. Whereas, a Shiv Sena leader who defended the vandalism against the dental clinic as ‘expression of love’ towards Bal Thakery is left to enjoy his comfort life in his mansion. These two girls were arrested in couple of hours after their posting, whereas the police took two days to arrest the Sena’ goons who vandalized the dental clinic.

A week back I happened to face an odd situation with a local elder person, who drove his vehicle on a no-entry road, in a single track where I became the victim. The respected elder person simply drove and about to hit my car head to head. He had not only unapologetic, but simply stop the engine and jumped out of the car for a coffee break and left the scene. I was stuck with the road in which I have only option to reverse for a longer distance and find another road. Eventually, he came back and we end up in verbal dual and he almost threatened to damage my car. He is being the local and son of the soil, his ‘right to defend’ the wrong is more powerful than my ‘right to defend’ the right.

The ‘right to defend’ is subjective and depends on the people who exercise it. No matter, how wrong the issue is, if the defender is powerful, he can succeed. Meanwhile, if the defender is weak he needs to go through the humiliation of defending the right.

All because of loss of equilibrium, especially the authorities who need to maintain the equilibrium is simply does not want or failed to do. The so called world community under UN is chose not to be responsible in maintaining the equilibrium and the result is never ending Palestine issue. The Mumbai police failed to maintain their equilibrium and the violent Shiv Sena’s enjoying their violence as a love of affection to their demised leader. The traffic police failed to maintain and monitor the traffic rules and the elder son of the soil not bothered to respect the road rules. The strong defends whatever they like and the weak deprived of defending their rights because the ‘right to defend’ is subjective and out of proportion.

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