Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Games within the game – Corrupted Anti Corruption Movement

The cat is out. My apprehension about the leaders of Anti Corruption Movement is right. (Refer my article on June 6, 2012). Anna Hazare disbanded his team and supported the idea of forming a political party to fight against corruption. His strategy of forcing or shaking the top and attracting the grass root or low level support have finally shows that how awfully wrong it is. The educated mass in India is genuinely worried about country, but will not ready to involve in street fight against the system. They will support, provided the movement has a strong volunteers including middle and field managers or leaders to keep the movement going with energy. Anna does not have such back up and therefore fall into the trap of Anti-Congress parties to provide necessary head counts. Finally, the anti-congress parties have decided to absorb the Anna and his team and ready to offer some space. The space is going to be a new political party without money and muscles and subsequently will completely be annihilated by both Congress and non-Congress parties in Indian political drama.

Any struggle or fight for good cause require a well defined strategy after a great deal of understanding the past, present and future consequences. When the vicious cycle or the corrupted system is strong while our resources are weak, we have no other option except to join the system to fight within, even though the system itself is worst and hopeless. If the vicious cycle or the system is at least semi-functional and good, we have the choice of standing away from the system and fight against it, provided we have enough resources at our disposal. In Anna Hazare’s case, he is neither having enough resources nor understood the scale of struggle that he aimed for. If both of my conclusions are wrong, then he might be acting on the script of some hidden play writers.

As usual the victim is Indian public without having any hope to eradicate the corruption in government.

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