Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank God for thankless job

This poem was written when I strep down as Chairman of IISJ.  In fact, these reflections may suit and are common to any public and social activists.

Passion of education brought me to the spot
Does it worth? Deliberated a lot
Hesitation of angels, an invitation to devils
Service to society is a devotion to God
Accept the challenges and unveil the courage
Common cause, gave me the heart
Conviction brought me to the convention
Commitments enthrall the motion

‘Herd’ I am not part of it, because I ‘think’
Reaching the bottom is the reverence of clarity
Finding the root cause is the veneration of my serenity
Solution is not an illusion, rather is my efficacy
Simplicity is my method, sincerity is my weapon
Honestly is my domain, patience is my strength
Adding value is my strength, avoiding glory is my satisfaction
Led them from front, Chairs don’t give cheers

Yesterday’s intelligence failing in reality
Today’s problems rattling the past cleverness
Tomorrow’s vision – may not be the dominance, but
Where is today’s intelligence?
Society is a kitchen, country is a lab
All are chefs and technicians

Convenience distances the minds
Bodies were sprawling around, when
The souls were searching else; day after day its
Conference of bodies, not the convergence of mind
Stage is permanent, actors are temporary
Performance matters, life goes on
Fore run to a future and a fabulous experience
Yet another example to erase the expectations
Thank God for the thankless job

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