Sunday, November 07, 2010

Are we ready to be a regional power?

I wonder! The other day when I was watching the big fight talk show in NDTV and have found three politicians and two intellectuals in a completely different level and view. A BJP politician Pratab Rudi and a communist leader are speaking two different things that are absolutely too childish and shows how immature they are. Rudi upset that Obama did not mention about Pakistan during his memorial service at Taj and the communist leader keep harping that ‘how many jobs that we are going to create by the visit of President Obama?’

God.. Save our country from these kinds of politicians and their parties. Does India exist because of Pakistan? Does India’s only worry is Pakistan? Why do we need to look at all our foreign policy issues through the spectacles of Pakistan? Why we need to play at the hands of Pakitan politicians? Even media spends considerable time in asking questions to all emotional build up politicians with the same question of ‘Why Obama is not talking about Pakistan?’ Zardaris and Gilanis in Pakistan might be laughing and saying to themselves that ‘Look… Indians cannot live without Pakistanis’.

Obama’s reply to a student in St. Xavier’s college is perfectly enough to answer to the politicians. Yes, these politicians need to go to any good educational institutions to learn and mature. Making USA against Pakistan will not solve our issues with Pakistan. Preventing USA from Pakistan diplomatic relations would not help in stabilizing this region? We should take a calculated trust with United States and continue our dialogue with them for a permanent shift in US policy towards Pakistan and is possible only using minds not tongues.

I know, Communists are living somewhere in 1950 of Soviet era and is still unable to term with developments that are happening around the world. They think, it is the government alone to create jobs and any international relation means ‘how much our pots are filled?’

Creating economical opportunities by exchanging expertise and technology is most important between India and United States. Outsourcing BPO is not a permanent solution to our employment issue. We need to be part of the technology development in all fields around the world and to achieve them we require the knowledge and technology advancement of United States. Moreover, we also require uninterrupted flow of technology transfer to DRDO, ISRO and other defense related industry. We do require non-interference in our nuclear development programs. We can build excellent business opportunities if we secure enough freedom in knowledge and technology exchanges. There is no excitement in exporting our finest talents to USA where they need to struggle. It may be fancy but shortsighted.

To become a regional power, we must understand our own strength and behave with dignity in international arena. Our attitude must change. There is no country in the world with absolute comfortable position in regarding any major internal or external issues like us. Today, the International arena is more of a leveling field with bit more advantageous to United States, though they are internally weak. It is a chance for us to concentrate on our strength and try to overcome our weakness like Pakistan’s nemesis, China’s unpredictable threats, unemployment, receding agricultural industry, lack of fire power in our technology developments, etc. Take one step ahead and be perfect in it before we can boast ourselves as a leading economical block in the world. Our neighbors require our products and let us extend our market to neighboring countries by increasing relationship level and own productivities.

Finally, when it comes to national issues, let these political parties voice one opinion even though there may be internal differences. It is not fair to show our squabbles when world’s attention is on us during the visit of President Obama.

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