Sunday, October 31, 2010

What is your goal category?

In a construction site, a worker was asked ‘what is he doing there?’ ‘I am laying bricks’ he said. The same question was asked to another. He said ‘I am building a wall’. The same question was posed to a third worker. Third one said ‘I am constructing a building’.

The first one is doing it just for the sake of his wages (money) without any mental involvement to his job or least bothered about the overall development. The second worker is little more involved in his job, but without knowing much of what is he doing or the knowing the final outcome. However, the third worker is highly involved and enjoying of what is he doing.

The first worker is an example for ‘complimentary goal’ in which he is complimented for what is he doing and the matter end there itself. The second worker is an example for ‘necessary goal’ in which he felt the necessity of his involvement to a certain extend that gives a necessary compensation in terms of money, self satisfaction and promotion. The third worker is the ideal example for ‘indispensable goal’.

Those who follow the indispensable goal are the makers of the business, society, country and humanity. They believe that they have possessed something that need to be exploited in the right environment of their own existence. They would always find opportunity and come out of the existing level to new. They are the highly productive people for them and others and would always vie for higher standard even at the fake end of their life.

They live a life that is more or less for others than theirs. They imprint their marks in the mind and hearts of others. They leave a legacy that is memorable and inspiring.
What is your goal? Complimentary, Necessary or Indispensable!

Thanks and appreciation to Steven Covey for his excellent and inspirational writings those are highly valuable.

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