Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Learn to live

Mankind’s classic challenge is how to achieve the ambitions in other words converting the dreams in a real life. Ambition is a vital cog that propels the minds or feed the minds with necessary vitamins in day and night. However, the audacious challenge is preventing the ambition becoming imprudent consequences that derails the fundamentals of tenacity in life system. Failing in challenges is a painful process which allows the erosion of inherited and accumulated values in addition to the loss of ambitions or dreams while converting them. Ambition is both strength and weakness to human’s life process and is also invites both positive and negative energy, thus it is always not readily congruent in practical life. This is a delicate process and one need to do a careful planning based on the available resources to reach the goal. Planning is personal or group responsibility but resources are subjective. Responsibilities cannot be breached due to lack of resources or abundance meanwhile these groups or countries are expected not to indulge in excessive and wrongful manipulations.

Today’s economic crisis is a mega example of how the ambition with ambiguity spiraled into pandemonium that not only blasted the vital cog but shudder the fundamental process. These financial crises are the making of few groups or countries with prolonged pursuance of improper goals despite of knowing that they in wrong strategy and cannot be achieved. Today’s financial doldrums is the results of unilateral policy that promises a short term and reclusive benefits. Those who have no access to the system or unaware of the bedlam asks what went to wrong? There are another set of people who question the kind of planning or miscalculation of resources? Sadly, it is the fundamental flaw and arguably the policy makers of influential countries are beating around the bush.

The outer layer of the truth as argued by various experts is that there was no alarming system or simply the system went malfunctioned and fails to alert the business managers. I would disagree with any such conclusions. There was and is an alarming system imbibed in all economical activities of government and business corporations. There was enough time and talented people at every government and private institutions to monitor and rectify the malfunctioning. There are people who are rich, successful and influential kept warning the respective governments to find an amenable solution before it spill out of hands.

Seldom listens and most of them ignored and expecting someone else will take the lead role. Unfortunately, no one was ready neither from the government side nor from the business organizations because they all know that the empire is built on the inappropriate foundation. Hardly one can blame the business organizations since their interest and operational circumstances are limited to their share holders and interests. Everyone knows that there is a huge price need to be paid for keeping the continued malfunctioning of the system for decades, therefore, no one was ready to lead. After all why should one lead to fail!

Obviously, under tragic conditions, there is no time to debate the reasons behind such catastrophe as in many human made disasters that rocks the world. All we can do is to find out ‘how’ we can pull our economy to a safer zone. Perhaps, while driving to safer zone, we can able to dissect the reasons of ‘why’ factors and document them for future safeguard, because there is another economical catastrophe is waiting to happen let alone restoring confidence. The issues are not in control and most of us expecting a natural cure and remedies. If we cannot correct the root cause and abandon the present policy then we are in the process of facing another huge economical disaster that is unimaginable. Even China and India will not be safe with their giant people economy and ultimately the world is one big empty bowl with nothing to feed. One cannot change the past, but can alter the course for avoiding future disasters.

There is an appropriate ‘road to recovery’. It is a hard path, but achievable. There is a new price to be paid, but can be. It is no more a problem of one country or individuals, but for all. It is not just manipulation of available resources, but required collective management with strong leadership at every level. It is not enough to run documentaries and films to show how to save the money to spend from it.

The recovery analysis should include all countries in one panel irrespective of their size and level of economy and not limited to Group Seven or Twenty or only future economies. It must be comprised of economists, political, social and administrative experts. It is time to stop exploiting each other and operate from one manual. Technology must be driven to find solutions on mass level and shared among nations.

The recovery process should start from the America’s currency policy and must return to peg against gold. Precisely, the recovery panel would consider freezing the value of dollar for certain period against other currencies which not only protect the America’s interest, but also the Forex deposit in other countries. A commonly agreed value proposition by all countries, though is a lengthy process, is much better than unlimited printing of currency papers by USA. Ailing industries in USA require immediate financial injection in exchange of government share in partnership, which can be further substituted with employees and others, not just pouring in.

Parallel black economy must be driven out and all countries should declare ‘war on black economy’ both micro and macro level. Macro level black economy should be crushed with iron first since it is controlled by anti social elements and terrorists. Micro level black economy shall be absorbed through cohesive and coherent manner since it is the product of ignorant and ambitious mass.

Dead economies, especially in oil producing countries is vital to revive the world economy. It’s a huge junk of economical asset and is required careful planning by giving them appropriate opportunities and benefits. The recovery panel should identify the area of investment and guarantee the investments through bilateral, but guided by common world bodies. It should not be left with the exploitation of few power blocks for their own benefits.

While green economy plays pertinent role in conserving energy let us not forget that there is huge waste economy that silently drains the material and human resources. All the countries knows that there is considerable amount of waste economy and is spoiling their GDP growth. Green initiatives required continued momentum and should not be a ceremonial annual celebration.

Nature plays vital role in educating the humans by constantly reminding what is achievable. Identifying the natural process and aligning with our ambition is an intricate process, but inevitable for human success. One of the major lessons from nature is ‘care and share’. Caring others will naturally entitle all the individuals among the sharing group and therefore it develops an organic community irrespective of their colours, religions, ethnics and borders. Mankind needs organic growth to attain peace among them. Organic community lives with common cause without diluting the individual aspirations, because every individual’s aspiration shall be aligned with collective community progress and would have the objective of ‘care and share’.

I will discuss this organic community concept in another article. This is the time to find positive energy among nations and business houses by being honest and unified in approach to win the battle against odds. It is not a fight between countries or business giants, but against a killer disease that is spreading fast. ‘Learn to live’ is nothing but seeking victory for others as well.


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