Sunday, May 16, 2010

Would you remember us?

Plying buses around the park, Towering buildings looking sharp
Flying students down the ground, Stepping toddlers holding hand
We step with our parents; Father and mother were our world
Blooming flowers were our dreams, Loving nature were our home
Twinkling eyes were our language, Twining words our sweets

Scrolling tears down the cheek, Fearing eyes browsing the rooms
Holding fingers of our parents, Walking into the world of anew
Awakened to the new world order; Frowned by the charming teachers
Strangers of every corner, Searching some friendly smiles
Started our school life

Came to learn the knowledge, Learn to listen the teachings
Yearn to know the hearts, Form to have the groups
Found the life among friends, Dare to fear the fears
Thought this world is permanent, Tomorrows become ambivalent
Refused to think about future, Abandoned to the Teachers and parents

Minds are filled with numbers, Marks are filled with zeros
Words are exchanged among parents and teachers
Throw the responsibilities on each others, And we watch the dramas
Why all these fuss and fury, Did the night ever fight with day?
Learn to live together – you parents and teachers
Have we not completed our 12 years?

May the exams come and go, May the marks low and high
When the May (month) comes, May we forget the studies
Terms may come and go, We have our terms and conditions
The joys are our terms, Look at those old faces – you teachers and parents
Are you not missing these student days? Then
Why all these fuss and fury, Let the joy filled with glory

Worries are our enemies, Who cares the passing hours
Let the teachers cry a lot, Make the parents fear a lot
Wake up everyday with strange thoughts
Love is all we need, Love is all we talk
Love is all we advise, Love is all we share
Lives in dreams and passions
Books and notes are boring, Bats and balls are charming

Final, pre final - annual stomachache,
Principal, vice principals daily headache
Sirs and Teachers hourly pain, Parents advises evening pain
Computer, Internet are our assets, Mobiles and MP3s are our gadgets
Learn to live in modern world, but never misses our family world

We, the fruits of your labour Will never let you down teachers,
You know winning horses are slow starters
Oh Teachers, now we know the weight of tomorrow
Oh Teachers, Now we walk into the future
Every of your words, Registered in our minds
Every of your advises, Memorable in our ears
We only end our years, not our relationship
We came with empty minds and go with flowing wisdoms
You are permanent, We are temporary
Days may comes and go, But would you remember us?

Oh Teachers, this is our day, the day of truth
Truth of reality, the separation; a permanent good bye
Forgive our mischievous, Forgive our ignorance
We only love you and We don’t know how to hate you
Plying buses around the park, Towering buildings looking sharp
Stepping toddlers with parents, It is an end to us in school,
But a beginning for someone else. Would you remember us?
Pray for us please!

Note: This poem was written by me and presented by my son on his farewell day in school during February 2008. Just wish to share with millions of such fantastic youths like my son.


அஹமது இர்ஷாத் said...

Congrats For You & Your Son...

Nice Poem...

Akbar Batcha said...

நன்றிகள் அஹமது இர்ஷாத்.