Monday, March 16, 2015

Teaching is learning

I have recently conducted a one day marketing training course to young and established marketing executives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Knowledge is a powerful tool if it is allowed to exchange.  While the experience is absolutely mine but the knowledge is not. Knowledge and experience need to be shared in order to enlarge our own knowledge bucket and be ready for new experiences.
Marketing is a phenomenal ability combining ideas, relevance, values, strategy, planning and communication.  Marketing is the backbone of any business and contributes immensely in business growth if it is performed with due relevance.  Many of the companies in Saudi Arabia, especially, the small and medium establishments thinks that Marketing is all about setting up sales agenda and outlets.  Marketing is not sales or advertising only.  It is more about exchanging values between company and customers.  People may buy the products for a price, but expects uncompromising values to remain loyal to the product / brand.  Marketing ensures the value proposition and sales growth.  Companies ignoring marketing and focusing only on sales strategy failed to increase the profits and mostly unable to come out of price war that they locked in with competitors.    

Marketing is a game played by human intelligence. 

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