Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Survival of Fittest

Naratha Muni have found a celestial mango fruit and brought to Lord Shiva to share with his children Ganesha and Murga, the two son gods.  Lord Shiva would like the mango to be shared equally between brothers, but Naratha had another idea.  He suggested a running race for brothers to encircle the universe and the fruit will be given to the one who can come first.  It was fascinating and thrilling to both gods and competition begins.  While Muruga jumped on his famous rider, the peacock, Ganesha with huge body and elephant face knows that he cannot match his brother’s agility, and decided to use his mind by posing a wonderful question to Lord Shiva. 

‘Is not Lord Shiva the universe?’ Lord Shiva amazed with the intelligence of Ganesha and has certainly affirmed with him. Ganesha just took a simple walk around of Lord Shiva and won the competition.   After making exhaustive circum of universe with his peacock, Murga disappointed to witness that Ganesha already enjoying the mango treat.  The rest is a great epic in Tamil religious history.  The epic revolved around three famous gods of Tamils, but I can derive a perfect example for ‘survival of fittest’.    

Entire mankind is in unparalleled race and trying to unseat each others.  Most of the individuals have the propensity imbibed in their hearts and minds to treat others as his or her potential enemies or obstacles to their growth.  Success at the expense of others is the order of contemporary life and people travel to any length to cut down others for no obvious enmity. 

We simply accept the norms without looking at the veracity of basic stimuli, the ‘survival of fittest’ that made the world become ‘mad’ at each other.  The proponent of survival of fittest is derived to engage humans to a new level of talent acquisition for self advancements but diligently negated the possibility of collective progress.  The encomium surrounding on the theory of survival of fittest attracts more followers with less conviction. Because, the mankind is the best flocks that walks on the order of a shepherd dreaming that the shepherd will lead them to a worldly achievement and salvation.  We just accept, not agreed.  By just accepting the ‘survival of fittest’, we legitimize the irreconcilable values and drive ourselves to the inexplicable bewilderment.    

We create a permanent pandemonium in mind due to forced acceptances and failed to envisage the necessity of agreement.  Agreement demand conviction and sadly seldom ready for the process of conviction.  Conviction demands balance of mind, reasons of existence and rationale thought process.  Do we have the time to exercise these critical elements?  Millions of issues being carried, executed, diluted, augmented in mind and evaporated in daily bedlam without being agreed or convinced, yet life goes on.  We are in the race without knowing the target.

Yes, the life goes on either we accept or agreed with it.  It does not wait for anyone.  It moves.  It has been intertwined with time.  It has been further disheveled due to our irrational self acclamation that we only dapping in.  We further divulging our soul towards the darker trench believing that it is enlightening and providing necessary security.  We are defeating ourselves without even knowing it.

We bend the life the way we want to live and conveniently forgetting the natural process that is larger than the life structure that we create and lives in.  We are mostly naïve irrespective of our age, experience, expertise and lock ourselves with the vicious cycle of our own making.  We field ourselves with inherited trait of ‘the fittest will survive’ and diametrically opposed the characteristics that are built to propel us.  We connect our survival with ever evolving theory of ‘fitness’ that has been defined by circumstances, thus allowing us to be controlled by mystifying forces.  The uncontrollable happenings within and outside of our self is the perfect example of acceptance and not agreement.

Every day we compete, we fail mostly and win sometimes, we justify and compete again.  The cycle continues viciously and we pass these traits to our children.  We let our circumstances to define our life and we become slaves of it.   And we force our children also to become slaves of circumstances, because, we believe only fittest will survive.  The concept and theory of ‘survival of fittest’ is to belittle the human dignity and enslave the weak to strong and to free the strong from any accountability.  The survival of fittest theory was to create a world order that favours the advantageous group that are already in power and permanently disallowing the weak any genuine opportunities or forcing to pay the price of being weak.    

An artificial intelligence was created with strong mobilization to disintegrate the people in the name of competition.  The artificial intelligence is an intellectual product of strong to permanently keep them in advantageous position.  Further, the strong dictates and defines the nature and level of competition aided by the blades of cunningness, thus preventing the natural intelligence from any growth.  In fact, the natural intelligence is effectively replaced with artificial intelligence.  

Every child is blessed with natural intelligence and it is the duty of parents, teachers, society and country to aid the natural intelligence to grow, function and mature.  The natural intelligence plays amicable role in life offering wider control on every individual to perform their role in satisfaction of its Creator.  The natural intelligence beautifies the life, because it is balanced and not forcing the individual to race against time.  Natural intelligence allows the mankind to travel with time, nature and enjoy the life.  Natural intelligence offers space to everyone and never punishes the weak; rather lend a helping hand to lift them to higher level.  Human beings are created with certain advantages and disadvantages, not to create the theory of ‘survival of fittest’ but to enforce the noble theory of co-creation for a collective journey in achieving supremacy.

The world is not to compete, but co-create and cooperate.  Replace the survival of fittest with natural intelligence to co-create and cooperate for a better world where the strong is the servant of weak, not a master.

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