Thursday, March 07, 2013

Rapes and Crimes in India

Past couples of month’s media and responsible citizens are up in arms against government of India to bring credible law that can curb rising rapes and crimes against women and children.  The media is frequently reporting every single rape incidents that it can have access to the crimes and reports.  The media is doing exceptionally well in bringing a major awareness among public to eliminate rape and crimes against women.
Thousands of rapes in villages are not reported and registered sighting various local and family reasons.  In cities too, many such cases are advised to hide to avoid future consequences of girls and women.  Only few cases were reported by victims.  As expected they have been being languished in police stations and courts for various court procedures and incompetent law enforcement.  The criminals continue to enjoy their life and in fact commit more rapes and crimes.

Well, the question is where is the law that can prevent the rapes and crimes against women?  The media and socially responsible citizens have spent more than 300 television hours in discussing various consequences without reaching a solution at all.  Print media is continue to write articles on police surveillance  extra check points, CCTV camera, police patrol, etc.,    A reputed former police chief Kiran Bedi shows a spray as a preventing tool to be kept with women and girls.   In fact, her showcasing of spray in NDTV made fun of her and even questions her past credibility as police chief.   None of these so called experts were able to throw any solution on table for further analyses.

Everyone throw the responsibility on others.  Supreme Courts questions central and state governments.  Central government washes their hands saying law and order is states’ control.  State governments shot back with inadequate force and money to increase police patrol and surveillance.  Once again, there is no solution to the issue and innocent children from three years onward and school girls are getting rapes multiple times even in capital of India. 

No amount of police personnel, CCTV camera, police check points, and police patrol can prevent the crimes.   It requires a strict law and enforcement in addition to social behavior of girls and women in public.     
Capital punishment is the only deterrent law that can prevent the rapes.  All such reports shall be registered and move to fast track courts and verdict must be pronounced within a month from the crime register.   The verdict must be validated by High Court within fifteen days from lower court judgment and hang the criminal. 
Further, dressing and social behavior of women and girls must be in accordance to Indian tradition and culture.  We are blessed with one of the best culture with rich traditional values.  Copying western culture in dressing and social behavior is hazardous to women and girls considering the kind of attraction that it creates against opposite sex.  Prevention of rape is possible by modest dressing, discipline in social and public behavior, strict law and enforcement.   In Arab and many Muslims countries, the rapes and crimes are punished with strict Shariath law.  Other countries should not be averse with Islamic law and they should incorporate such strict laws to protect the women and children.  

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