Thursday, July 07, 2011

Two generations and 2G

Once Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) hurriedly left the Mosque immediate after a congregational prayer and his companions were wondering of his action. When the Prophet returned to Mosque his companions were curious to know the reasons. He told them that there was a piece of gold in his house and was disturbing his concentration level in prayers. Therefore, he went and asked his wife to disburse immediately as charity to the needy.

Stephen R. Covey, an authority on leadership emphasized the necessity of ‘principle’ centered life in his book ‘The seven habits of highly effective people’ in chapter ‘begin with the end mind’. The ‘end’ or precisely the objective of many politicians in India is not principles of public service or social service rather a ‘private service’, eventually a self service. These self servitude politicians amassed wealth after wealth and subsequently positioned their life as ‘wealth centered’ life. The money and power clout allow them to be planted on top of Indian polity without experiencing the grass root problems. These second generation politicians, especially Karunanithi’s clan members sane Stalin are absolutely privileged class.

Does anyone can explain the quality and capability of Dayanidhi Maran or A.K. Raja the proxy of Kanimozhi or numerous trombone ministers who occupy prime positions in state and central governments? These second generation politicians chose to be in politics to enjoy and safeguard their wealth. They don’t have any great passion of public service. Recently there was a news program in NDTV questioning ‘are these younger generation politicians are delivering?’ Unfortunately they are not. Either they are incompetent or deprived of right opportunities. Both the first and present generations of politicians are equally corrupted, but the first one is more insinuating than the later.

India is maturing and 2G scam is a distinctive example of progressive mindset, thanks to Supreme Court. The core issue of 2G investigations is the crafting of power for personal benefits by sheer manipulation in association with corporate. The accused politicians and corporate bosses may all walk free one day due to lack of proof or evidences. Yet the momentum is created and is responsible of Young India to keep it alive and effective. I can foresee in future that even the competency level of ministers must also be investigated, because accountability is what we need at all governance. Hope, the Lok pal bill will pave way for accountability evaluation during and after their office in governance.

Media is not exactly highlighting the effects and benefits that can be derived through 2G scam investigations; rather they are busy in mixing the spices just for the sake of increasing the TRP. Media must air credible programs highlighting positive changes out of evolving trend in Indian polity with the involvement of Supreme Court and other well wishers across the community.

Dr. Manmohan Singh’s integrity is impeccable and unquestionable. His ascendance to prime minister is one of good things that happened in Indian polity, but he is miserably failing in controlling his team. His participative management style is exactly the best suitable in modern governance but unfortunately his team is not right. One cannot delegate the power to incompetent subordinates. Instead of trying them at highest level, they must have taught at lower level with adequate guidance. The coalition politics and its intricacies have made Dr. Singh more vulnerable. The corrupted politicians and their nepotism must end right now. Instead of sending them to Tihar jail one after other at the best of Supreme Court, Dr. Singh must drop them immediately in his next cabinet reshuffle. If not they will bring him down along with them.

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