Monday, June 06, 2011

Games within the game – Anti corruption movement in India

Anna Hazare must be credited for his excellent initiative in bringing corruption as a primary issue of national politics past three months. He along with other civil society leaders have approached all political parties to take up the Lak Pal bill in parliament and as expected none of the political parties shows any interest forcing Anna Hazare to take the Ghandian tool fasting unto death. Yesterday’s midnight drama of Baba Ramdev’s eviction made this anti-corruption movement to hit the snags. Unfortunately for civil society and fortunately for political class the Lok Pal issues and discussions are conveniently at the hands of political masters.

Thanks to 2G spectrum, corruption reached a new peak and every Indian must be ashamed of. But how long? We, the common people are known for forgetting one issue after another and political masters are known for creating one after other. The vicious cycles do not stop at all and we are immune to scams and money lootings.

Corruption mechanism is another effective parallel system that is running much better than genuine system to solve citizen’s problems. The political and administrative nexus in India is at its best now and helps each other. The unwritten rules of corruption mechanism and methodology are promptly followed at every government offices; in fact the genuine system is buried long before. Every citizen who approaches the government servants is considered and treated as a milking cow. Nothing moves in government offices without money.

Well, the issue here is the ‘means and methods’ of anti-corruption movement. The cause is excellent and is necessary, but means and methods are getting hijacked or twisted for political benefits by every political, social and communal organization. I have strong feeling that either Anna considerably failed in his home work or his advisors are failing him or he doesn’t have enough resources to outsmart the political maneuvers around him.

Anna’s desire in following Ghandian principles, though highly applauded, but certainly he is not having the ‘will power’ of Ghandhi. As we read in the history, Mahathma Ghandhi brought the British and early Indian governments at its knee by his fasting and Satyagraha. It is not his mere action of fasting, but his mental and spiritual approach has brought the governments to listen and agree with him. He was an extraordinary human and his mental strength is incomprehensive to many contemporary political leaders. His cause and means are aligned well and never allows derailing for any intimidation, because he does not want anything for himself.

Unfortunately, Anna allowed his anti- corruption movement to be manipulated by all political parties including communal organizations. I wonder how come he allows the religious organizations or personalities to be part of the movement knowing the hypocritical history of such personalities.

Baba Ramdev is one such personality utilized this opportunity to drive his ambition and well supported by RSS. RSS thought that his rise in anti-corruption movement would certainly help to hide certain perennial issues of other Sadus in India in connection with series of bomb blast cases and investigation in courts. RSS and their parivars are recently crippled with lots of questions and ideally expecting this anti-corruption movement to give some space political regrouping. Yet, my perception needs to be seen within the context of Congress reactions and government actions. The eviction of Baba Ramdev from his fasting forces many questions which are still unanswered by both government and Baba’s camp. He thunders as a champion while quietly jumped from the stage is not auguring well for his cause or indicating something hidden. It would be a different story if he was allowed himself to be arrested.

His agreement with government as exposed by Minister Kapil Sibal, Baba’s over reach than his capacity to take larger issues than corruption are all need to be clarified by Baba himself. Eventually, he jeopardized the entire anti-corruption movement and stole the limelight that he was looking for. Lok Pal discussions, panel members, live broadcast of their discussions, either to include the PM and Supreme Court Chief Justice or not, does BJP toeing Baba Ramdev or failed to take the lead role, civil society’s capability and role play are all becoming irreconcilable among the various stake holders of the movement and government.

Sadly, the anti-corruption movement is now heading towards moral corruption and Anna Hazare will be left alone to nurse his wounds. Once again the political masters are looks to be in favourite position to escape from great anti-corruption momentum. I will be happy if the future proves me wrong!

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