Sunday, May 24, 2009

BJP wins Philipit but lost India

It is sad to see the tall leader Mr. A.K. Advani with somber mood due to unenthusiastic performance of BJP in parliament elections. He is one of the finest and articulate speakers who can drive the mass to madness of his liking. He is also one of the able leaders that India likes to see in political administration of the country. Of late he struggled with his emotional weight of his own and haunted past.

Emotions can rule the mass, but to certain extend only. It is true that Indians are easily swayed by emotions, but the growth of democracy as such that every Indian knows that which the road to his or her better future is. The progressive voter of India knows where his butter is and will not shy away from the emotional chain to bring the rational output. Often, politicians ridicule the voters and got away with the things that he or she wants.

Mr. Advani lost the battle before Varun Gandhi files his nomination in Philipit. Varun may have clearly outlined his road to his political career and objective, but Advani should know that Varun’s road should not cross with the BJP’s. BJP’s analysis should not rest with vote analysis and coalition combination only; rather it introspect its political ideology and principles. The nation needs BJP as a political party, not as a religious party that upholds certain principles for certain group.

Mr. Advani can leave politics as and when he likes, but not before he reforms his party. If he enforces certain reforms in his party, he will be remembered for long in the history of Indian politics. I personally believe that he is needed as a BJP leader at this situation than as PM of the country.


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